Children’s Birthday Party Etiquette and Ideas

by thdgadminact on September 29, 2012


In this day of electronic invitations, using a paper invitation to celebrate special moments in your child’s life can add a special touch to his or her big day.  Selecting the invitation and determining the guest list can be daunting.  I hope you find the below information useful when planning your next children’s birthday!

Who to Invite

  • If your children are old enough to offer their input, compose the guest list with them instead of for them. This will offer you great one on one time with your child and have dialog about their friends.
  • You don’t need to invite everyone in your child’s class, but teach your children that it is important to be sensitive to those who will not be invited.
  • I recommend mailing invitations to invitee’s homes instead of sending them to school with your children to avoid hurting the feelings of anyone not invited.
  • Encourage parents of your children’s friends to attend the party by stating, “Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the party” on the invitations. Then, make sure to provide additional refreshments that adults will enjoy.

Themed Party Invitations

  • It is always fun to create a theme around your child’s birthday party.  Whether you want to spoil your princess, mermaid, and athlete or bring the zoo to your home for a great birthday bash, you can find the perfect invitation at TH Designs and Gifts.

Party Theme Ideas

  • Princess Party
  • Mermaid Party
  • Sports Party
  • Barnyard or Petting Zoo Party


When to Send

  • Send invitations two to three weeks in advance for a child’s birthday party. For a more formal birthday party, send invitations at least a month in advance. With our busy lives, always give as much time for the attendees to put the important date on their calendars.

Delivering Invitations

  • You can mail or hand deliver your invitations to your guests. And, remember—to avoid hurt feelings, do not allow your child to distribute them in at school.  A fun way to send it via US mail is to customize your postage with your child’s artwork or picture at for Click HERE to visit.

Gift Etiquette

  • If you do not want guests to feel obligated to bring gifts, it is perfectly acceptable to specify that on the invitation with a simple “No gifts please.”

I sincerely hope you find these tips helpful! Hope your next Birthday party is a huge success!!


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